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Southwest Inspired Jewelry

Much like the southwest itself, our inspired jewelry is unparalleled in its grandeur and beauty. The Navajo, skilled jewelry makers who now live in the desert of the Four Corners states, believe that their most renowned stone, turquoise, represents health, happiness and vitality. Silver and turquoise jewelry, therefore, make a lovely, personal keepsake full of rich history and sentiment. Turquoise is also used to make tiny seed beads, which are strung together to make necklaces and other types of well-crafted Native American beaded jewelry in our selection.

One of our favorite styles of Native American jewelry is the Navajo squash blossom ring, featuring a turquoise centerpiece accented with blossoms on the sterling silver inlay. We carry those and many other styles of timeless eye-catching turquoise rings, in sizes ranging from 5-10. Another way to make a statement with western jewelry is with silver feather and arrowhead jewelry. Arrowheads are an iconic symbol of many Native tribes, and those wearing delicate arrowhead jewelry will convey an image of ferocity and beauty. Additionally, we offer jewelry with horseshoe and cowboy inspired designs to give you the free feeling of the beautiful American frontier. Shop our gorgeous selection today!

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Southwest Style Thunderbird with Turquoise Dangle Earrings